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EPA Proposes To Accept Updated Phase I ESA Standard

August 16th, 2013
photo credit: umjanedoan

photo credit: umjanedoan

On August 15th, the USEPA published a proposed amendment to the All Appropriate Inquiries (AAI) Rule.  The proposed amendment will “reference ASTM International’s E1527-13 ‘Standard Practice for Environmental Site Assessments: Phase I Environmental Site Assessment Process’ and allow for its use to satisfy the requirements for conducting all appropriate inquiries under the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA).” The EPA will accept public comments until September 16, 2013.

To explain the differences between the current and proposed standard, the USEPA also published a summary of the revised standard, “Summary of Updates and Revisions to ASTM E1527 Standard Practice for Environmental Site Assessments: Phase I Environmental Site Assessment Process: How E1527-13 Differs from E1527-05”. Refer to my previous blog posts to learn more about the 2013 standard.

Contact us with any questions regarding the proposed rule or E1527-13.

Blog post written by Jason Gold, P.E.


Commercial Real Estate Loans On The Rise

August 12th, 2013
improving economy

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Construction companies are becoming more confident in new developments and more banks are returning to Commercial Real Estate lending according to this article.  Data from the Trepp Market Snapshot Report indicates the northeast saw $21 billion dollars of commercial real estate loans in the past 12 months, more than any other region in the country. 
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ASTM E1527-13: Are you prepared?

June 19th, 2013

Are you prepared for the pending revisions to the Phase I Environmental Site Assessment standard, ASTM E1527? If not, you’re not alone. According to a survey of lenders conducted by Environmental Data Resources and published in a May 30, 2013 EDR Insight report, 43% of respondents either “don’t know enough” or are “waiting for our EP’s” to educate them. This finding correlates well with another survey by EDR of Environmental Professionals that found 69% have not yet educated their clients. Read the rest of this entry »

ASTM E1527-13: Definitions

June 18th, 2013

Definitions are an important part of a Phase I ESA.  The key revisions included in the proposed ASTM E1527-13 standard are revisions to, and the addition of, Environmental Condition definitions. While the revisions will likely cause some confusion shortly after the revised standard is published, they are an improvement over the existing definitions.

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