Newport National Golf Course

Northeast Engineers & Consultants provided engineering services for the existing 18-hole golf course and for the design of a new 9-hole course, practice green, club house and residential subdivision.

Services Provided

  • Drainage design and calculations for new 9-hole course
  • Wetlands flagging and location
  • Grading
  • Property line and topographic surveys
  • Permitting
  • Comprehensive re-design of the drainage system to serve a new course layout
  • Innovative storm water management techniques including reduced pipe sizes and the extensive use of depression storage throughout the course
  • Dry swales to replace water quality basins minimizing areas of standing water and reducing the possibility of creating nuisance habitats
  • Irrigation storage pond to provide detention for storm runoff flows
  • Detailed stream catchment analysis, including prediction of flood and drought flows, and flood plain delineation throughout the site